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Summer Intensive Reading Program

Summer Intensives are designed with your student and your time in mind. By enrolling in our intensive reading program, students can avoid summer reading attrition and instead make strides and growth. 

Summer Intensives consist of 16 one-hour reading sessions that are completed over the summer, between May 28th through August 9th. More sessions can be added!


You'll receive lesson plans that are tailored to meet the specific academic needs of your student. At the end of the summer, you'll receive a detailed progress report from your student’s reading specialist.​


All new students to the program will need to complete a full intake evaluation for us to create an individualized treatment plan.​ All evaluations are performed in our Fort Worth office with one of our diagnosticians. 

Reading sessions can be at any of our area offices. Our goal is to make these sessions work with your busy summer schedules. 

Sessions can begin anytime after May 28th. All sessions should conclude by August 9th.

Summer Intensive FAQ’s

My student is a current TRC client. Will my student need another evaluation?

No, your students specialist will continue working off of their current treatment plan to meet their specific academic needs. 

My student was a Summer Intensive student last summer. Do they need another evaluation?

Yes, many things can progress and regress over the course of a year without continued reading therapy. Your student will need to have a brief evaluation to determine their current academic needs. 


How are Summer Intensive sessions billed?

Summer Intensives are lower than our standard hourly session rates, therefore they will need to be prepaid before the first session begins. 


Is the evaluation included in the Summer Intensive rate?

No, the evaluation is billed as a separate rate, paid at the time of service. 

If we don’t use all 16 sessions before the end of the summer, can we use them later?

No, sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Are there scholarships/financial aid?

Yes, please call the office for more information. 

How will I know if my student made any progress?

Your students specialist will send a detailed progress report by the end of August or, two weeks after your students last session.

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