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About Literacy United

What is Literacy United?


Literacy United was created as a 501c3 entity in December of 2011, due to an ever-growing need for high quality educational support services offered through an entity outside of the public school system. Based on a shared understanding that Fort Worth area public schools have become increasingly burdened due to current economic pressures, teacher lay-offs, increasing class size, and incredibly high levels of teacher turn-over due to unmanageable working conditions, the Literacy United Board of Directors (Kary Johnson, President and Private Services representative; Sheryle Kuehl, Vice-President Public Education representative and Ana Cervera, Secretary and Community Representative) came together to form a much-needed new nonprofit entity. Thus, our desire as a board is to grow an entity that will provide much needed services that so often are not provided by schools.

Who are We?

Apply today to become a

Literacy United Learning Specialist

If you have a warm and friendly demeanor with a passion for coaching struggling students to improve their reading skills, then Literacy United is for you. Our ideal candidate is a dynamic educator, with a Bachelor's (Required) or Master's (Preferred), that has experience working with children in a PreK-12 setting, and has a flexible schedule to see students during and after school hours.


A Learning Specialist is responsible for working with students on a one-on-one basis based on students' needs in either reading, dyslexia, or executive function therapy. Sessions could be either 45 minutes or one hour, depending on the students treatment plan. The Specialist must possess a love for working with learners of all types. This includes students with IDD, as part of our Reading for Life (RFL) program. This program offers 10 free sessions to children will IDD. (Parent/Guardians are present for all RFL sessions)

Literacy United is now "Fuel Certified." Dr. Kary Johnson attended RevJen's Fuel Series to help strengthen the revenue infrastructure of Literacy United.  

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Read more about how a "Fuel Certification" can help the revenue framework for our

non-profit organization!

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